About Cinema Freak

IMG_3947Cinema Freak was created by me, Leah-Marie, a complete cinephile and lover of television series! I am 24 years old, living in Spain and simply obessed with the world of film and tv. Currently my faviourite series revolve around different periods of time involving many distinct historical characters. Though the site is small (for now), it has a lot of heart. We want to welcome discussions and all around fan-fare here on Cinema Freak. We encourage discussion on our theorys, our favourite characters, our opinions on popular films and of course, oogling over films and series coming in the future! I plan on creating a parallel Youtube channel where I will turn my reviews and other pieces into easy-to-listen audio’s and videos. Theres a whole world of film lovers out there and I want to meet you all! Join in on the fun and don’t forget to subscribe, comment and release your inner freak!

– Leah


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