The Affair: Season Finale Trailer


This season of Showtime’s The Affair has been one hell of a ride. This show is so heavy and so much happens in one episode that it’s hard to remember where it all started! It all comes to an end (until next year, of course) this Sunday as the second season closes it’s final chapter. From the trailer it’s obvious that we will finally get to that ominous wedding day, the day that Scott Lockart meets his violent end. It’s hard to tell from the trailer if the wedding will be shown via perspectives of our characters, or all bundled into one chronological sequence. I am also trying to keep my excitement down because I wouldn’t put it past the show to end right before we see what really happened to Scotty. It’s clear that we will be seeing the trial end in real time – as in not a filtered flash forward. Either way, the extended final episode looks like it will have us talking for a while. Check out the preview at the official Showtime website!



The Knick Season 2: ‘Do You Remember Moon Flower?’ Post-Op

Cinemax presents the behind the scenes of episode 9 with the cast of The Knick. Don’t miss new episodes of the new original series, The Knick, starring Clive Owen, every Friday at 10PM/9C, only on Cinemax. Check out the sneak peak of episode 10 below!


X-Men Apocalypse Trailer & Breakdown


As always, our favourite go-to reviewer Emergency Awesome has broken down the most recent X-Men Apocalypse trailer! Watch the preview and the breakdown below to get all the know on what’s going on in world of mutants and men!

First Look at ‘Star Trek Beyond’


Star Trek has returned! The new entry of the series named Beyond seems to be taking a hint from it’s predecessors and taking the story out of the Enterprise and onto alien soil! We know that some of the most memorable (and ridiculous) moments of the early series and it’s films were when the teams docks on another planet and have weather the troubles that come with it. The film is set to release in summer 2016 and will feature the return of the entire main cast! Check out the trailer below!

The Knick Season 2: ‘Not Well at All’ Post-Op

Cinemax presents the behind the scenes of episode 8 with the cast of The Knick. Don’t miss new episodes of the new original series, The Knick, starring Clive Owen, every Friday at 10PM/9C, only on Cinemax. Check out the sneak peak of episode 9 below!

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The Affair Season 2: Episode 9


Wow! What an episode to miss out on! I had to wait until Thursday to finally watch the ninth episode of The Affair and it was so hard not to read up on it while I did. They really shook things up this week and I suspect it’s because they don’t want us getting too comfortable with the pattern of the show. If the goal was to keep us on our toes, it sure as hell worked! The first season of The Affair got quite a bit of criticism for being too slow with its steady two part episodes between Noah and Alison’s chapters. The second season has been full of surprises, with new chapters featuring Helen and Cole, a gripping murder mystery unfolding and mixing up the chapters every episode. This week, they treated us to a normal drama series playing out from all points of views in chronological order. As always with The Affair, it’s hard to say if everything we saw actually happened or if we were swapping from one view point to the other.

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Batman v Superman Trailer & Breakdown: What do you Think?


After not really knowing what to think about this movie for so long, fans were finally inside a much deeper look into the next DC movie venture. We get a tease of the two heroes interacting with each other as their ego’s clash almost instantly. We find get more details on what exactly they’re fighting about and most importantly, we finally heat Affleck’s Batman voice – which I have to say, will take some getting used to. Check out both the trailer and Emergency Awesome‘s breakdown below!

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